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Mr Lawrence has graced the decks for over a quarter of a century - eighteen of those years in London. During the nineties he played a big part in the success of club nights such as That’ll Do Nicely, Londinium, & Much Ado About Nothing, working closely with super clubs such as Hanover Grand,Ministry of Sound, Club UK, & Leisure Lounge.

This experience has helped Simon to master his sound - preferring to play long sets starting deep, then taking it up.
a true journey DJ... He once played non-stop for 24 hours at the famous Hedges & Butler, known for it’s all day all night parties.
His musical style ranges from deep house, to groovy tech, electronica, bordering techno.. He is also specializes in alternative music.. Eclectic lounge, world groove, electro-swing.

Mr Lawrence

Simon (Mr Lawrence) has a distinctive and sought after sound. He has spun the soundtracks for literally hundreds of clubs for more than a quarter of a century having graced the decks in over 22 countries on 4 continents and was the World’s first DJ to play at the Coliseum in Rome! In between sets at the behest of HRH Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Valentino, Sir Elton John, David Furnish, Donatella Versace, Dior, Lulu & Kevin Spacey  to name a few. 

Most of Mr Lawrence’s time has been spent refining his unique sound at London’s more esoteric venues. Mr Lawrence imprinted the sound of London’s legendary underground scene at Hedge’s & Butler in the late 00’s, here he famously played a non-stop 24 hour set to a generation that will never forget.
Mr Lawrence is always at home in Momo’s where he been a resident player for 20 years which has become a favourite.

Revered artists like Herbie Hancock (USA), Seu Jorge (Brazil), Youssou N’Dour (Senegal),  Roy Ayers, Rachid Taha (Algeria) and Femi Kuti(Nigeria) have performed live on stage! The venue is famed for its intimate and discrete charm, a fusion of North African & Ottoman style with a phenomenal sound system. It’s a sensory transportation to another World in London and Mr Lawrence has been a big part of its’ soundtrack. For many years Momo's cool and intimate Kemia bar has been second home to serious 'A' listers like Madonna, Liv Tyler, Cameron Diaz, Sacha Baron Cohen, Val Kilmer, Kylie Minogue, Keanu Reeves and meg Ryan. It is the privilege of a few and where you will often hear (if not see) Mr Lawrence playing a regular set.
His specialities are: “deep house, latin & afro-house, groovy tech house, electronica, bordering techno”. He is also an adept in alternative music styles like: eclectic lounge, world groove, electro-swing, & certain 80's.

Mr Lawrence’s modesty adds to his charm as an orator of the turntables, an artist. Simon says his experiences in the 90’s of building club nights such as: That’ll Do Nicely, Londinium, & Much Ado About Nothing in super clubs like Hanover Grand, Ministry of Sound (playing for Open All Hours), Club UK, & Leisure Lounge (playing for Jet Set) helped him master his own sound & technique. He prefers playing long sets starting with a deep resonance, before switching to a lighter and higher sound later in the mix… Amongst the aficionados of London’s night scene there is no comparable name. He is known as a master of an art and a true journey DJ.

Mr Lawrence also performs on Ibiza Live Radio and has performed on Hoxton and Passion Fm, and is also signed to Qritikal Records London with several productions to his name.
“Be not afeard, Mr Lawrence is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.” – The Tempest III

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